Things to Consider When It Comes To Your Pool Renovation
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Things to Consider When It Comes To Your Pool Renovation

On a hot summer day, nothing beats soaking in a cool swimming pool with family and friends. During the colder months, though, it’s easy to forget you even have a pool, let alone remember to maintain it. Just like any other high maintenance area in your home, your swimming pool can benefit from an overhaul –especially if repairs have been neglected.

Pool renovation can not only allow for a more enjoyable space, but also a safer space with lower maintenance needs. Additionally, it can increase the value of your home should you ever chose to refinance or sell.

So, how do you go about renovating your pool? What should you keep in mind during the process?

Research the Vendor and Request Samples

Before signing a contract allowing a pool restoration specialist to begin repairs on your swimming pool, there are a few points to check first. It’s important that the contractor you choose is affiliated with vendors who can offer you a wide selection of tile designs, sizes, and price options.

Research these vendors as well. This is important for two reasons. Firstly, you want to be able to ascertain the quality and availability of the materials that may be used. This is especially important in the case of tile.

Some tile choices can create complications should you ever need to replace a cracked tile if the style and pattern are no longer be available. As a side note, if your renovation includes new tile, it’s a wise idea to keep some excess in storage for repair purposes.

Second, this allows you to ask vendors for samples to help plan your renovation project. Much like using paint sample chips to ensure a color looks right on your wall, you can use material samples to get an idea of how they will look around your pool.

A reputable pool restoration contractor will also be able to aid you in material selection, but overall, you want to focus on repairing broken parts, updating inefficient components, and installing non-slip, weather-proof surfaces with excellent durability and easy maintenance.

What Updates are the Most Crucial and Cost Saving?

Once you have found a pool repair expert to work with, it’s time to see how your budget will affect your plans. If your budget is restricted, it is best to concentrate on pool repairs rather than a full-scale pool restoration project.

One option to lower the overall expense of your pool renovation is to use paint or install stamped concrete instead of tiles. This will free up more of your budget towards upgrading vital pool equipment such as filters and pumps.

Style over substance does not work when renovating a pool. If the filter and pump need to be replaced with a more energy-efficient model, then this should be prioritized over cosmetic changes.

Any pool renovation should be seen as an opportunity to upgrade the mechanics of the pool as well. Modernization of pool pumps, filters, and lighting can be done at the same time as painting and resurfacing. Doing so can lower your utility bill and give your poolside a cleaner look.

Another consideration for energy efficiency is to look at a solar-powered heating system. Solar options are a great way to extend your swimming season while choosing a greener option.

Solar-powered pool covers are another excellent use of solar technology to reduce costs associated with pool maintenance. A covered pool requires fewer cleanings and is easier maintained when not in use.

The mechanics of your pool also need to be checked by an expert if you have never used the services of a professional pool cleaning service. This is because animal or insect infestations can sometimes choose these areas to nest and breed in pools that are infrequently used.

If your budget is less restrictive, since you are going through the disruption of having a pool restoration anyway, it might be a good time to change the structure and style of your pool too. This may be an ideal option if your home has been renovated and the pool style no longer matches well, you want a larger pool, or to add additional features such as a hot tub, diving board, or wading area for children.

How Can You Protect Your Pool Once Completed?

Once your pool is renovated, you want to follow a maintenance schedule to protect your investment and reduce the need for repair or renovation in the future.

Protecting the new mechanics and resurfacing around your pool should be the top priority of your maintenance regime. The best way to handle this is to hire a professional pool maintenance service to come regularly and clean your pool and filters.

Try to find a service that’s well recommended with credentials and proven pool-servicing expertise. In addition to simply asking for these details, family and friends, as well as online reviews are a great place to get an idea of what to expect from a pool cleaning company.

If your pool goes unused for extended periods, such as during the colder months, a pool service can also put your pool under wraps with a cover if you do not have one as well as make other seasonal preparations. This ensures your pool is ready to go when you’re ready to use it again.

Furthermore, if you have concrete or wooden decking surrounding your pool, you’ll need to have it maintained regularly with sealant.

The Final Word on Pool Repair and Renovation

Pool renovation can be an excellent way to refresh the look of your yard, improve the usability of your pool, increase efficiency, and reduce maintenance needs. However, it’s important you consider the vendor, materials used, project plans, and upkeep once the project is complete with care. We hope this guide on what to consider when it comes to your pool renovation has helped you get a better idea of what steps are necessary to get the job done.

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