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Swimming pools are great to have, but they can require a bit of work to keep them running optimally. With so much equipment and moving parts, malfunctions and breakdowns are bound to happen every once in a while.

The key to keeping a beautiful pool that runs smoothly is having an expert pool/spa repair and maintenance team on your side. At NW Pools, all of our professional pool technicians are experienced as well as thoroughly trained in finding and solving all types of pool repair situations efficiently.

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Pools are not cheap accessories and because of this, it’s extremely important that you trust only the best with your repair and servicing needs. A shoddy repair job may cost you much more than you planned and could potentially damage your pool or equipment even further. Here at NW Pools, we make sure our customers receive the highest quality pool repair services every single time.

When you utilize our pool maintenance offerings along with our professional repair services, you gain complete peace of mind that your pool is always well kept and swim-ready.

Pool Repair Services We Offer:

Pool Filter Repair
Your pool filter keeps your swim experiences fresh and clean. If your pool is having trouble properly filtering your water, we can help!
Pool Pump Repair
Your pool’s pump is the heart of your water circulation system. If it isn’t working properly or has completely broken down, we can send out one of our technicians to repair it.
Saltwater Pool Repairs
Our professional technicians are no stranger to saltwater pool systems. If you need saltwater pool repair services, we’ve got you covered!
Pool Heater Repair
If your pool heater has broken down or isn’t warming your pool efficiently, give us a call. Our repair guys will have you ready for a winter swim in not time.
Pool Timer Repair
Your pool’s timer keeps your pump/filter cycles on track for a clean and healthy pool system. If you notice your pump kicking on and off at odd times or not working at all, you may need a timer repair. We can fix that too.
Pool Deck Repair
Need your pool decking repaired? No problem! From cracks to remodels, we do it all!
Pool Resurfacing
Over time, pool plaster linings begin to develop stains, as well as wear and tear. Our professional pool resurfacing services can take care of that and get your pool back to looking brand new.
Pool Coping
Whether your pool coping needs to be updated or repaired, our professional technicians have the skill to get you exactly what you need.
Pool Leak Repair
Pool leaks can be difficult to locate and a pain to repair. At NW Pools, we have a lot of experience in pool leak detection and repair, don’t stress or risk more damage with risky self-repairs, give us a call today!
Pool Light Repair or Replacement
If you are having problems with your pool lighting equipment we have solutions. We can either repair your existing equipment or replace it with something much better.

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We offer extensive professional repair services so that our customers have the chance to enjoy their swimming pool experience without stress our financial strain.

If you are looking for a pool repairs company you can rely on, look no further! With our years of pool service experience, there is no job too big or too small for NW Pools. Give us a call today!

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