Pool Maintenance for the Fall & Winter Season in Houston
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Pool Maintenance for the Fall & Winter Season in Houston

Keeping Your Pool Maintained During the Off-season

As the owner of a property with a pool, you may be well aware that your pool responsibilities don’t end with summer. Caring for your pool during the off-season is essential to ensure a clear opening in the spring.

If you live in Houston, the good news is that snow and rain don’t pose the same problem as it does for swimming pool owners elsewhere in the country, and you can keep your pool open for the entire year. Keeping your pool open will prolong the lifespan of your pumps and motors and maintain the chemistry of your water.

But how should you maintain your pool during fall, winter, and early spring? And how often should you attend to your pool? Depending on how often you will be using your pool, a weekly or bi-weekly maintenance schedule should be sufficient.

In this article, we will take a look at how you should keep your pool maintained during the off-season.

What Sort of Maintenance Should I Be Doing?

Clean Your Pool

Getting your pool ready for the off-season consists of several steps. The first step is cleaning your pool thoroughly with your pool vacuum or pool net. Remove all the plant debris like leaves and twigs as well as dead insects and sludge.

Next, clean the pump basket and skimmer and, if you want to be thorough, clean your pool’s tile edging as well. Also, give your pool a thorough brushing, especially along the water line as the “ring” around your pool can act as a growth medium for bacteria. If you leave your pool uncovered, try to brush your pool at least once per week.

Add a Mid-Winter Algaecide

To prevent the development of algae in your pool and make pool start-up easier during spring, add an algaecide to your water. Since you want to stop algae growth for the entire off-season, make sure that you find a product that is long-lasting.

Add the algaecide on the last day of summer and run your swimming pool pump for 24 hours to ensure proper circulation. After circulating the algaecide, switch off your pool’s circulation system for the winter.

Test and Balance the Water Chemistry

The chemistry of your water should be balanced at all times to prevent the development of harmful bacteria and algae. Balanced water chemistry will also protect your pool from corrosion. To ensure that your pool’s water chemistry is always stable, pay a visit to your local pool supply store and purchase a test kit if you don’t already own one.

Then, use the kit to make sure that the calcium, pH, and chlorination is at the recommended levels. If there is a deviation, make the necessary adjustments. Your pool’s water chemistry should be balanced even if you and your family don’t use the pool regularly.

Keep Your Pool Water from Freezing

When the water surface of a swimming pool freezes, it can damage the filter, pump, and other components. Although temperatures rarely drop below freezing point in Houston, keep an eye on the temperatures during winter for frost warnings.

If, in severe circumstances, you expect freezing temperatures, drain the water level below the skimmer mouth. If you want, you can also consider covering your pool for the duration of the cold weather conditions.

Check Your Swimming Pool Equipment

Inspect your swimming pool equipment on a regular basis to make sure that they are in a fully functioning condition. It is also a good idea to clean your pumps and filters at least once every two weeks.

To clean your pump and filter, disconnect them and take out the drain plugs so that all the water can drain completely. Then, after draining the pump, switch it on for a second or two to remove all the water in the impeller. After removing all the water, clean your swimming pool equipment, including the filters, thoroughly.

To clean the filters, take off the filter hoses and apply filter cleaner to the cartridge filter elements and grids before rinsing it off with water. The drain valve at the bottom of the filter should be open to allow excess water drainage.

Store Pool Equipment and Accessories

Toys and other swimming pool accessories that you won’t need for pool maintenance should be stored in a dry place away from the sun’s harmful rays. If you leave accessories in the water or in a place where they are exposed to the elements, they may become brittle or damaged.

Stick with Your Maintenance Schedule

Sticking to your pool maintenance schedule will ensure that fluctuations in the weather, temperature, and UV index, and the resulting changes in your swimming pool’s chemistry won’t result in the development of scales, corrosion, algae, or bacteria. It will also prevent damage to your pool’s finishing and fixtures.

To ensure proper maintenance of your pool’s equipment, consult the manufacturers’ guide to find out what they recommend. A user manual can also provide valuable information on troubleshooting, draining equipment, and cleaning them.

If you are going away for longer than a week, ask someone who is familiar with pool maintenance to keep an eye on your pool and to carry out the necessary maintenance procedures. If you don’t have time to take care of your pool during off-seasons, you can also outsource maintenance to swimming pool specialist.


By taking care of your swimming pool during the off-season, you don’t only make life easier for yourself when it is time to start using your pool again, but you also ensure that all your swimming pool equipment and fixtures are well-kept and in good condition.

Caring for a pool during the off-season can be time-consuming and frustrating, however, and if you have a busy schedule, you may find that sticking to a maintenance schedule is not an option.

NW Pools can take care of all your pool services and maintenance needs. To maintain your water’s chemistry and the functionality of your swimming pool equipment, contact NW Pools today.

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