How Pool Lighting Can Increase Your Pool’s Aesthetic Appeal
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November 21, 2017
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How Pool Lighting Can Increase Your Pool’s Aesthetic Appeal

Is your swimming pool boring you? Is it missing the “wow” factor that you envision when you imagine your dream pool? While your first thought may be to consider a complete pool renovation, there’s a simpler, cheaper solution that you should consider: pool lighting. Lighting your pool, whether you use LED lighting, underwater lighting, or color changing lights, will add amazing ambiance and aesthetic appeal to your existing pool.

Benefits of Pool Lighting

No matter the size or design of your pool, adding lighting is always a great option. Here are some benefits of installing pool lighting:


  • Pool Lighting Enhances Your Pool’s Appearance. Lights in or around your pool create a magical, ethereal glow that transforms your plain pool into a peaceful oasis at night. This also adds to your pool’s curb appeal and attractiveness to potential buyers later on should you choose to sell your property.
  • Pool Lighting Increases Swimming Safety. This is an important consideration, especially if you have children and if your family likes to swim at night. Evening and night-time swimming is one of the perks of owning your own pool, but it’s important to make sure swimmers and bystanders alike can clearly see the pool and its surrounding area. This allows you to check for wild animals, such as snakes, that may have entered the pool area, and also allows you to easily see your children throughout their swim.
  • Pool Lighting Is Budget Friendly. If you want a way to amp up the appearance of your pool without costly renovations, pool lighting is the perfect choice for enhancing its aesthetic appeal without breaking the bank. Check with us for a free quote on pool light installation!


Types of Pool Lighting

Now that you’ve decided to add pool lighting, here are a few different types of lighting to consider.

  • Pool Deck Lighting. Lighting your pool deck has a great functional purpose that increases the beauty and safety of the entire space surrounding your pool. Adding outdoor lamps or more discreet walkway lighting are both great options.
  • LED Lighting. Adding LED lights to your pool area is a popular choice based on their eco-friendly features. LED lights are cost-effective, attractive, and practical. They can be added either to the interior or exterior of your pool, or both!
  • Underwater Lighting. Installing underwater lights in your pool will give you more “wow factor” than external lights. Underwater lighting transforms your pool into a lovely glowing lagoon at night. They’re also excellent for swimming safety because they add so much visibility to the interior of the swimming area.
  • Color Changing Lights. Mood lighting that changes colors automatically is a neat, unique option that makes for a fun type of pool lighting. Color changing lights are great for parties, kids will love them, and they also increase the safety of nighttime swimming.

NW Pools

Northwest Pools would love to help amp up your swimming pool’s appeal by adding pool lighting today. Let us know if you would like a free evaluation and quote!

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