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May 9, 2019
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A Great pool Requires all of the Proper Bells and Whistles

Swimming has always been the number one outdoors activity for hot seasons and always will be. There’s nothing better than stepping down into a cool and refreshing pool on a hot, scorching summer day.

However, there is also nothing worse than not being able to during the hot seasons because your pool is green and stagnant.

Pools are pretty amazing features to have in your backyard, but sometimes pool equipment maintenance can be a hassle. Especially during the offseason.

Continue reading to learn how you can easily keep your pool swim ready all year long!

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Let’s Start with the Basics 


  • Poles and Nets!

Pool nets– or (skim nets), are the easiest way to quickly remove any leaves or debris from the surface of your pool. These cleaning tools are great for a quick once-over before a swim or just a casual clean here and there when needed.

Poles– Your pole is the handle attachment for your net, typically available with extender options. The hand-held extension pole is intended to give you good reach around your pool without having to get wet for a simple cleaning. Your skim net and pole will definitely be your go-to equipment throughout the pool season.

  • Poles and Brushes!

Pool Brush– Your pool brush is a pretty fantastic tool for the days you need to put in a little elbow grease and scrub your pool floor, tiles, or walls. Occasionally,(especially after a lot of rain) pools tend to build up algae and other slimes on their structural surfaces. A heavy duty brush is an easy way to eliminate this problem quickly.

Brush poles– As I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, the link for “Brush Poles” is the same link as the one for “Net Poles”, the reason for this is because typically, your pole-heads are easily interchangeable with the same pole extender.

Pretty simple right? And even helps to save you some tool space in your pool shed.

  • Pool Pumps!

Pool pumps– Your pool pump is probably your most crucial equipment, so it is pretty important that you invest in quality on this one! Not only do pumps work hard to keep your pool fresh and clean, but pumps like the Boost-Rite can significantly reduce what you pay in energy bills by up to 25% in comparison to other lower quality pump models.


  • Let’s talk Filter!

Pool filters– First, simply understand that pool pumps are absolutely useless pool ornaments without a filtration system attached. Your pump keeps your water moving and flowing for freshness as well as pumping it through your “filtration system” which is what does all of the real work. Your filter is what cleans your water and, well, “filters out unwanted debris”. Pumps and filters go hand in hand, one is completely useless without the other.

  • Chlorine, your Pools first Defense!

Chlorine generator– Think of your chlorine generator as “the pool boy you don’t have to pay”. A chlorine generator is another very important part of your pools mechanic system. Rather than having to measure and disperse chemicals into your pool at random times yourself, hoping that you are doing it correctly, chlorine pumps do it for you!

  • Robo vac- Pool Edition!

Robot pool Vacuums– Robot pool vacuums are one of the best equipment tools you can invest in! These guys work hard so that you don’t have too! Pools tend to collect sand or dirt at the bottom and sometimes even leaves and let’s face it, a pool net just isn’t going to catch that. Time to unleash the robo vacuum and enjoy a cocktail while your pool cleans itself!


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Pool Repairs, and Maintenance


  • Swim Ready all year!

But how is this possible?– Pool Heaters of course! Pool heaters are a great addition to your pool system. Why retire your relaxing swims at the end of the summer when you can take full advantage of your pool all year long? There’s nothing like going for a warm swim in the winter time!

Not quite ready to invest in a pool heating system? Give solar blankets a try!

  • Safety First- Pool Covers

Pool covers– Pool covers are a big deal! They shield your pool from harsh weather and debris, but more importantly, they also act as a safeguard against small children or animals falling in. Safety first!

  • Light it up!

Pool lighting– Pool lights are something you are definitely going to need for those late night swims! Swimming in the dark with low visibility is not a good time! Sudden flashbacks from the movie jaws come to mind?

Although you’ll never have to face a shark in your swimming pool (hopefully), it is nice to be able to see your surroundings at all times, especially in water.

  • You are now ready for a safe/clean swim, what’s next? swimming-pool-diving-board

A diving board– Duh! Now that you’ve put in all of the “responsible work”, it’s time to have some real fun. Install a diving board and have a blast, you earned it!

Pro tip- Get a maintenance plan– Having a maintenance plan in place will ensure that your equipment runs smoothly all year. The best part? You get to lay back and enjoy your pool through every season (assuming you got the heater of course)!

For more information on Pool equipment and pool maintenance, Call NW Pools today!
The pros will get you on the right track. It’s time for you to let go of all the hard work that comes with owning a pool and get your swim on!

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