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Pool service contracts and why they are essential

What is a pool service contract and do I really need one?

If you, like many people these days are a proud owner of a splash spot- (Pool) then the answer is most definitely yes, you do need a pool maintenance contract for many reasons.

In this article, we will be going over just a few of those key reasons and giving you a better insight into why a contract is more than just beneficial. A contract is vital to a well-kept pool. Like most people, you probably do not have all hours of the day to closely watch over a complicated pool system.

That’s where companies like Northwest Pools come in.

There are many advantages to having a professional care for your cherished pool such as offering services like regular pool cleaning and simple maintenance. This will not only ensure that things are done correctly but will also help to prevent you from having seriously costly problems in the future.

Pools require a lot of delicate care and maintenance and let’s be honest, no one wants a second full-time job…especially when a pools intent is for relaxation and a good time in the first place.

Along with pool cleaning services and regular maintenance, a contract will offer you peace of mind that your system is well kept and operational at all times. Swimming pools can often be a complicated and costly luxury to understand and care for all on your own.

Trust me friend, do yourself a favor and pass it on to the big guys. A contract will save you time, money and resources. Time and money are things you shouldn’t have to think about when you kick back for a nice relaxing pool day.

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Here are some major advantages to having your pool serviced regularly;

  • Huge time and money saver
  • Expert knowledge that you may not have
  • Hazard reduction
  • Maintain your pools value
  • Hired pool maintenance alleviates the stress of doing it yourself
  • Keep your pool swim ready all throughout the year
  • A well-kept pool is the star of a nice home
  • Avoid any health risks of an improperly cared for pool
  • Maintain the appearance of your pool
  • Highly increase the life and durability of your pool and equipment

The in’s and out’s of pool cleaning services and balancing your pool system.

Cleaning and balancing your pool system can be a juggling act if not done by a professional. It takes quite a lot of work and diligence, especially trying to do it all on your own without the proper knowledge and training.

Keeping your pool clean requires a good bit of science and know how. What I mean by this is a properly balanced pool require steps that are far more extensive than just skimming, brushing and sweeping your pool.

Done properly this will involve things such as harsh pool chemicals, like occasional algaecide or shock treatments that need to be used appropriately. While chlorine helps discourage algae growth, it isn’t a full proof preventative against algae development. Algae can be introduced into your pool in many different ways such as changing water temperatures, weather conditions, leaves, and even swimmers. Things like this are obviously very common occurrences and are nearly impossible to keep up with on your own.

Testing your swimming pool needs to be done once a week at the very least and 2-3 times per week during heavy seasons. Checking your pool levels for diagnostics can be a fairly daunting task. This could involve test strips, multiple chemical testing procedures, and even taking a sample of the water to a local pool professional to test in some cases.

All in all, caring for a pool on your own is just a lot of upkeep and work that really requires a professional for proper maintenance, repair, and treatments. Problem prevention through pool cleaning services is much easier and more cost efficient than trying to turn back time and hire someone to fix or treat existing problems that have gone unattended or have been handled improperly.

Detecting the dreaded pool leak and proper equipment care.

Regular maintenance for services like leak detection and expensive equipment repair are invaluable to a responsible pool owner. A pool leak may only sound like water loss but in actuality, it can lead to much larger problems.

Pool leaks that go unattended for periods of time can cause a lot of serious damage like foundation shifts and even sinkholes! A pool leak can also create plumbing issues and affect living conditions on other parts of your property. Checking for leaks in your pool may require expensive tests and having a professional analyze it for you, ultimately leading to what can be very costly repairs. With a professional maintenance and care team checking and maintaining your pool regularly, you are much more likely to avoid these problems altogether. If one of these issues do occur, you will be in a much better spot for repairs and quick responses to the problems with a scheduled pool care team on hand, preventing other issues from transpiring. A maintenance contract is a very proactive way to save you time and money when it comes to swimming pool care.


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As for pool equipment, one of your main focuses will always be your pools filtration system.

First of all, is your filtration system even clean? I hope so…for your sake!

Keep reading to learn why;

Your pools filter is what keeps your water free of debris and unwanted buildup that would lead to many other cleanliness and mechanical problems.

Changing out a filter sounds pretty simple right?

Well, a pool filter cartridge needs to be cleaned or replaced usually when the filter pressure gauge increases by 8 PSI (pounds per square inch) or at least done once or twice per year depending on the care, quality and size of the filter. There are many factors when caring for your pool filter alone.

Your pump is also something that requires a good amount of attention and care. A pool’s pump is what keeps your water circulating and your pool energy efficient. If for some reason your pump isn’t working properly, whether it needs to be cleaned, repaired or is just simply the wrong size, it can dramatically affect the balance of your pool and your electric bill.

The bottom line?  Stay covered.

NW Pools firmly believes maintenance contracts to be an essential part of owning and caring for a swimming pool system responsibly and efficiently.

Employing a professional maintenance company with a service contract will greatly reduce the likelihood of needing an emergency pool service. Pool care is a year-round job best done by a company who knows exactly what they are doing.

Visit (NWpools.com) for more information or to get a quote and feel free to contact one of our staff at any time via our website, email, or phone.

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