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Pool Renovation- 7 Ways to Update Your Swim Experience

There is nothing like jumping into a refreshing pool on a hot summer day!


Swimming pools are great for cookouts, family entertainment, and even simply spending some quality time with the kids outdoors. Not only do swimming pools offer a personal oasis, but they also increase the value and appeal of your home by quite a bit.

That being said, it’s important to keep your pool’s care, style, and appeal at an optimal level, because over time pools also become outdated and lose value. The best way to address this problem is by performing a pool renovation, whether done all at once or bit by bit, renovations are sure to increase the value of your pool/home.

In this article, we aim to offer our readers clever pool design ideas to get the most out of your pool renovation. If you are looking to update your swimming pool this year as well as your overall swimming experience, keep reading!

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7 Pool Renovation Updates that Improve Value and Overall Experience

Updating Your Waterline-Tile and Coping

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Waterline tile- Waterline-tile is exactly what it sounds like. This is the tile that lines your entire pool at the water’s edge. Waterline-tile is a great way to get creative and add a little personalized character to your pool design through colorful tile patterns.

Pool Coping- Pool coping is typically the concrete, vinyl, or porcelain edge that slightly hangs over the side of your swimming pool. The coping gives your pool a clean-finished edge as well as a more luxurious appearance overall.

Updating your pools waterline-tile and coping is a great way to add visual appeal as well as a real design edge “no pun intended” to your swimming pool. With so many different tile and coping material options, this kind of update is a great way to quickly modernize your swimming pool and increase its value.

The Salt Water Switch      pool being converted to a saltwater pool.     

Converting your swimming pool from synthetic-chlorine based maintenance to a saltwater set up will quickly eliminate a lot of the work and time spent treating and testing your pool throughout the year. Saltwater is “predominantly” self-cleaning and self-adjusting which makes maintenance a breeze.            

Converting your pool to saltwater also creates a much more comfortable swim, whereas the traditional method of constant treating with harsh chemicals can cause bodily irritants and off-putting chlorine smells that overwhelm the senses.

LED Lighting

With the help of LED lighting, you can really amp up the overall excitement and lux appeal your pool has to offer. LED lighting is also a great way to enjoy visually-impressive night swims and pool parties. Any water feature you may have will also come to life when coupled with LED lighting.

Install an Automated SystemAutomated pool system

Installing an automated pool system will not only relieve a lot of your maintenance workload, but it will also increase the value of your pool by quite a bit. An automated pool system will keep your swimming oasis at optimal levels all year long, and more importantly, you will rarely need to lift a finger.

Pool Lining updates

A pool liner is a thin layer that sheets over the interior of your pool wall to wall as well, as completely covering the floor of your pool. Updating an old liner or adding a new one to your pool for the first time comes with many benefits; such as;

  • Keeping water within your pool/helping stop leaks.
  • Depending on your liner choice, it can add a rich depth of color to your pool.
  • As well as a modern eye-catching style.

The Addition of a Gazebo

The addition of a Gazebo can make lounging around your pool quite comfortable. Sitting poolside can get fairly hot from time to time, a gazebo will offer cool shade, a great place for seating, and also a useful cookout area.

Another aspect to consider, if you ever decide to sell, a poolside gazebo adds a real visual appeal to your home. People love a shady pool spot to entertain and relax away from the hot sun. A Gazebo is the way to go!


Custom Pool Remodeling,
Pool Repairs, and Maintenance


Custom Water Features that Impress

Custom water features are the best way to bring your pool to life! An impressive feature can add a lot of value to your pool as well as amp up the atmosphere for social gatherings like cook-outs and pool parties.

Here are a few of our favorite custom water feature ideas Swimming pool water feature

  • Fountains that stream from your hot tub into the pool.
  • Waterfalls accompanied by LED light-show effects.
  • Fire and water features are always impressive!
  • Water slides are sure to keep the kids active all day and impress your guests.
  • So will a diving board.

Ready to Update Your Swim Experience?

Plan a pool renovation!

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If you are interested in reading about more pool renovation ideas, check out our “Pool Remodel” blog as well as our “Renovation” blog.

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