Jandy JXi: The Best Pool Heater
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August 20, 2019
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Swimming pool heated by the Jandy JXi

Jandy JXi: The Best Pool Heater

Winter is Coming. Will Your Pool Be Swim-Ready?

Yes, you read correctly, although Texas is a little slower to catch on… winter is coming, and just because the warm season is almost over doesn’t mean your pool time needs to come to a screeching halt for months at a time.

If you love swimming pools as much as we do, then like us, you probably aren’t ready to give that up at the end of summer. What if we told you that you didn’t have too? With a specialized pool heating system, you can make sure that your swimming pool is warm, comfortable, and swim-ready even during the cold months of the year.

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The Jandy JXi Pool Heating System 

If you have been searching for a top of the line energy-efficient pool and spa heater, look no further! The Jandy JXi is exactly what you need!

This ultra-compact pool and spa heating system is unmatched when it comes to quality, efficiency, and power. The Jandy JXi is available in both propane and natural gas models, with a design built for durability and longevity.

Jandy JXi Special FeaturesThe Jandy Pool Heating System

  • The JXi pool heating system is the only model with the available option of cost-saving Integrated Bypass technology that detracts water flow away from the heating mechanism when there is no call for heat, therefore saving you money by only using energy when needed.
  • The JXi models are also available with vigorous heat exchanger tubes and corrosion-resistant bronze headers for high-stress applications.
  • The JXi pool heating system comes automation-ready with AquaLink Compatibility for personalized controls from your mobile device at any time anywhere.
  • All of the Jandy JXi models with VersaFlo factory-installed come with a 5-year heat exchanger warranty.
  • With the addition of the VersaFlo Integrated Bypass, variable speed pumps can be run at a slower speed when bypassing the heater. This alone can save you up to $350 a year in energy bills.
  • With Jandy JXi’s ultra-compact and lightweight design, it’s super easy to store, transport, and install.
  • The JXi models are also the best option available for a retrofit. With plumbing flexibility for quick Mastertemp and Max-E Therm replacements, no plumbing adjustments are required.

The Jandy JXi Models include:

  • JXI200N
    Jandy Pro Series JXI Pool Heater 200 Natural
  • JXI200P
    Jandy Pro Series JXI Pool Heater 200 Propane


Custom Pool Remodeling,
Pool Repairs, and Maintenance


  • JXI260N
    Jandy Pro Series JXI Pool Heater 260 Natural
  • JXI260P
    Jandy Pro Series JXI Pool Heater 260 Propane
  • JXI400NThe Jandy JXi pool heater. Jandy Pro Series JXI Pool Heater 400 Natural
  • JXI400P
    Jandy Pro Series JXI Pool Heater 400 Propane
  • JXI400NK
    Jandy Pro Series, JXi Pool Heater, 400K BTU Natural, With VersaFlo Bypass
  • JXI400NN
  • JXI400PN
    VersaFlo Bypass Accessory Kit for JXi Heaters
  • JXI260PC
    Jandy JXi Pool Heating System 260 Propane ASME
  • JXI260NC
    Jandy JXi Pool Heating System 260 Natural ASME
  • JXI400PC
    Jandy JXi Pool Heating System 400 Propane ASME
  • JXI400NC
    Jandy JXi Pool Heating System 400 Natural ASME

Keep Your Pool Swim-Ready With Jandy JXi

As you can see, the Jandy JXi pool and spa heating systems are the best on the market. Jandy offers the most efficient high-quality pool equipment available to keep your swimming pool operating flawlessly all year long.

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