How to Know When it’s Time for a Pool Resurface?
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Is it time to resurface your pool?

Is It Time to Resurface Your Pool?

At some point in every swimming pool’s lifetime, the need will arise for upgrades and remodeling.

One of the most common upgrades for a pool is a resurface. Pool plaster is the final layer applied to the inner shell of in-ground concrete pools. The layer of plaster is generally ¼ to ½ an inch thick. The purpose of pool plaster is to give your swimming pool a watertight seal that also ensures the surface of your pool remains smooth for the comfort of swimmers.

Pool plaster can also add an aesthetically pleasing look to your swimming pool that may last up to 20 years before needing a re-plaster.

However, over time, pool plaster linings begin to experience staining, along with wear and tear. The concrete shell of a swimming pool isn’t waterproof on its own. The plaster lining is what helps keep the water from leaking through and damaging the foundation.
So, how can you recognize pool wear and tear and the need for a replaster? We can help with that!

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Here are a few telling signs that your pool may need to be resurfaced-

  • Flaking or Peeling PlasterIf your pool has cracks it may need a resurface.

You may have begun to notice flaking and peeling (spalling) in the plaster of your pool, especially around the steps and the flooring. Spalling is caused by aggressive pool water with sustained low PH or low levels of calcium. Generally, when the spalling process starts, it’s time for a pool resurface.

  • Roughness

One important advantage of having your pool plastered (other than sealing the water in) is the comfortable, smooth bottom and sides it provides for swimmers. Once you notice that the comfort and smoothness of your pool plaster have begun to dissipate and the surface is becoming rough to the touch, this is a good indication that years of harsh pool chemicals have eaten away at the integrity of your plaster seal and it’s time for a replacement.

  • Cracks

If you are noticing small spiderweb-like cracks just in the plastering of your pool, you may want a fresh resurfacing. Tiny cracks in pool plaster surfaces are normal. These small cracks occur as temperatures change, and the concrete beneath the plaster expands and contracts. Once these cracks are becoming noticeable eyesores, the only way to get rid of them is by replastering your swimming pool.

  • Surface StainsIf your pool has staines it may need a resurface.

Calcium, copper, and salt are generally the causes of inground pool surface stains. For minor stain areas, you may be able to perform an acid wash, but it’s recommended to have a complete resurfacing done instead.

  • Plaster Discolorations

Pool plaster discolorations generally occur in colored pool finishes and show up in the form of faded color along with white streaks and spots. Plaster discoloration is caused by chemical bleaching. Unfortunately, there is no way to reverse the chemical bleaching of your colored plaster. The best action to take is to have your pool re-plastered by a specialist with a more durable finish.


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  • Structural Cracks

Cracks in the structure and plaster of your pool need to be addressed properly. If the crack has gone through the plaster and into the foundation of your pool, it can cause major leaks and potentially cost you a lot of money, refilling your pool every week.

But that’s not all, leaks in your pool’s foundation can even cause serious damage to surrounding property. When a structural crack occurs, the crack beneath the plaster in the foundation needs to be fixed first, and then the pool will have to be completely resurfaced with new plaster.

Have a Professional Resurface Your Pool Have a professional resurface your pool.

If your swimming pool happens to fit any of these descriptions, Call NW Pools today! With many years of advanced pool renovation and remodel experience, NW Pools can provide you with everything you need for the perfect swimming pool experience, including professional pool resurfacing services!

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