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Custom Pool Remodel Ideas That Wow


Has your pool lost its wow factor?

Your swimming pool is the star of your home for many reasons. Pools bring people together. They offer a relaxing oasis after a long day at the office, and they are great for starting your morning exercise or cooling off afterward.

For parents, pools can keep kids outside and active for hours on end, even in a time where that’s mostly been lost to technology use. Pools have a lot to offer us.

That being said, if your swimming pool seems to have lost its spark, then it’s probably time for a remodel. Keep reading to learn some great ways you can bring your pool back to life this year.  

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Check out these 3 remodel ideas that are sure to make your pool a must-experience spot!


  • Gas-powered fire displays! fire-pot-image-nw-pools


Yes! You read correctly, fire displays are totally in when it comes to swimming pool remodels.

Gas-powered fire pits or fire displays can bring an inspiring exotic island feel right into your backyard! Can you imagine coming home everyday to something that luxurious and relaxing? Your own personal, fire-lit Margaritaville!

There is absolutely something to be said about the dramatic combination of fire and water features. Bringing these elements into your pool design will create a relaxing environment that you will never want to leave.


  • The serenity of a rockface waterfall is mesmerizing


Have you ever stood near a rushing waterfall and listened to the water as it hits the stone below? Big or small, there is nothing more relaxing than the sound of heavy water from a waterfall flowing into a pool.

Features like waterfalls not only add value to your pool, but they also bring an unmatched visual appeal that you just can’t beat. A real private view, from the comfort of your own home!

Bonus perk– if you live in a busy area, Waterfalls are also a great way to drown out unwanted noise with a more appealing, and relaxing sound.



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  • A beach entry will change the whole vibe


A beach entry is a gradual slope that slowly walks you into your pool, just as a natural beach front would. Beach entries give a sense of ease, as well as a more coastal feel to your swimming pool.

Installing a beach entry into your pool may cost you a bit up front, but boy does it make an impression. Beach entries are great for homes with small children, or anyone else who has a hard time stepping down into your typical pool entrance.



Now that you’ve got a few fun pool renovation ideas swimming around in your head, what’s your next move?

We suggest calling today for a consult. NW Pools is ready to create something amazing for you and your family so that you can start enjoying your pool time again.

Call: 936-443-7665 today, and let us get started on your remodel!

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