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July 10, 2019
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Jandy's aqualink pool control system is among the best for any swimming pool operating system upgrade.

Best Swimming Pool Control System

In today’s world, nearly everything is built and operated around smart technology. From smartphones to smart cars, we are all quite familiar with basic smart technology, but it doesn’t stop there.

Now we have the ability to incorporate smart technology into our own swimming pool experiences. Can you imagine having a 5-star luxury pool system at the touch of a button and all in your backyard?

Like any smart technologies developed, pool control systems have come a very long way and are available in many different brands and styles. This, of course, can make choosing the right system for your pool a bit difficult.

At NW Pools, we have many years of pool remodel and pool upgrade experience. With this experience, we understand what goes into that decision-making process and have just the right suggestion for all of your pool control system needs!

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We recommend Jandy Aqualink Pool Control Systems

For the best pool control technology available, with the most advanced and customizable swimming pool experience possible, we recommend Jandy!

Jandy’s swimming pool operational systems give you the ability to have full control over your swim experience in every possible way, even from your smartphone!

Ready to learn more? Of course, you are!

What Makes Jandy’s Aqualink Systems the best?Jandy pool control systems are top of the line

Jandy offers three advanced Aqualink Pool Control Systems for a top of the line customizable pool experience.

Aqualink RS

The Aqualink RS gives you total control over your pool and spa’s automation system. Aqualink RS can also fully integrate with your home automation system as well. The Aqualink RS provides a user-friendly experience from the comfort of your home. With the Aqualink RS system, you have the power to control all of your pool/spa lightings, and water features at the touch of a button. Pretty easy right?

Aqualink PDA

Aqualink PDA is the perfect system for those feature-rich pools and spas. If your swimming pool/spa has some pretty elaborate features, chances are you need some pretty elaborate controls as well. Aqualink PDA is the system for the job! With this advanced system, nearly every pool feature you have can be easily controlled.

This may include;

  • Lighting
  • Jets
  • Spa switches
  • Pumps
  • Heaters, and so much more!

With the Aqualink PDA wireless remote, you can even schedule the times for your pools pump systems to operate. That kind of upgrade could save you some costs in energy bills every year. The best part? You can easily control your pool features at any time and place from any web-accessible device, such as smartphones, tablets, and more. Now That is smart technology!


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Aqualink Z4Jandy pool control systems offer easy access from you smartphone or tablet.

The Aqualink Z4 is Jandy’s most energy-efficient multi-functional pool automation system. Not only is the Aqualink Z4 energy efficient, but the entire system is also quite user-friendly as well.

Aqualink Z4 perks?

  • Easy to install and set up.
  • convenient and easy to operate.
  • Has the ability to control up to three valve actuators.
  • Energy-efficiency.
  • 24-hour control from any smart or web-accessible device.
  • And, of course, has water-resistant housing.

Jandy Pool Control Systems are Truly top of the line

As you can see, Jandy pool control systems are top of the line for any and all swimming pool automation needs. If you’re ready to upgrade your pool experience and step into the world of smart technology convince, contact the swimming pool experience experts at NW Pools today! It’s time you relax and enjoy every element your pool has to offer at the push of a button.

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