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5 Easy Ways To Keep Your Pool Pollen-free This Spring

So Spring Is Officially Here…

…Guess what? So is your dirty pool, filled with floating yellow buildup, right along with your pesky allergies. It’s no secret that pollen blooms are a menace that has to be dealt with.

But how? Its everywhere and seems impossible to keep out of your swimming pool. Lucky for you, in this blog we are not only going to teach you exactly how to rid your pool of pollen, but how to keep it gone all of the Spring season!

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What Is Pollen And Why Is It Ruining My Pool Time?

Pollen is tiny, powdery, yellow/green particles given off by the male part of a flower or male cone in the springtime. The reason for pollen is so that the male part of plants expelling them can fertilize other plants by way of wind, insects, and other animals.

The problem with this natural phenomenon is how it affects our day to day lives during blooming season. The blooming season tends to cause annoying pollen debris build-up in our pools and even severe allergies for some people.  


Get Rid Of Pool Pollen And Get Rid Of It Now With These 5 Easy Steps!

  • Kick On Your Filtration System- When it comes to pollen building up in your pool, you are going to see it all floating on the surface. This dirty and powdery substance is sure to make your swim feel a lot less clean and a lot less fun. One of the best ways to fight pollen is by kicking on your filtration system. Your filtration system may not get all of the pollen, but it will surely put in a good bit of leg work for you!


  • The Power Of A Fine Mesh Skimmer- Fine mesh skimmers are the best way to physically remove pollen from the surface of your pool in bulk. To make this process a little easier, add aluminum sulfate tablets into your pool. This chemical will cause the tiny pollen particles to clump up in a way that makes them much easier to catch and dispose of with your fine mesh skimmer. Pretty simple right?


  • Pool Shocking- If running your filtration system, alongside hands-on skimming just doesn’t seem to be clearing up your pool fully, then chances are you’ve got a pretty bad pollen build-up on your hands! If that’s the case, then it’s time to bring out the big guns… pool shocking! Pool shocking, if done correctly, is an inexpensive, yet strong and effective way to rid your pool of any algae or bacteria buildup caused by your pollen problem. Give your pool the factory recommended dose of shock one evening and let it do it’s work overnight. The next morning, clean your filter. Allow it to keep running, and continue with fine mesh skimming until your pool is back to its beautiful clean condition!


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  • Use A Pool Cover- A pool cover is going to be your best friend! It may seem like a hassle to put on and pull off, but it will totally pay off during the springtime by giving you more time in the pool relaxing and less time cleaning it.


  • The Golden Rule- Did all of this work at ridding pollen from your pool wear you out? There is a better way to avoid this problem altogether next spring. When it comes to proper pool care, there is one golden rule that is quite simple. Hire a reputable pool company and have a maintenance plan in place. This will not only save you money, but it will also save you a lot of time and effort while only hoping you are giving your pool exactly what it needs.


What Have You Learned?

Well, first and foremost, you’ve learned that pollen is a pain! That being said you’ve also learned 5 easy steps on how to treat and rid your pool of the little springtime pest, and that is a triumph all in itself!

The most important takeaway from this article is the importance of getting a professional pool crew before next spring and saving yourself the time and money of trying to do it all on your own! NW Pools has exactly the type of service plan you need to keep your pool swim ready all year long.


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