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When it comes to planning your pool remodel, deciding whether or not you want to add a spa is never a question, the real question is- What kind?

Spa features are always the highlight of the adult pool experience, from cozy hot water to pressurized jets, what’s not to love? Spas are great for health reasons, relaxation, and are perfect for social gatherings or intimate evenings.

With the addition of a new spa, your pool remodel plans immediately start to pay off in more ways than one!

But what kind of spa is right for you? As a professional spa builder and pool remodeling experts, we can help you figure that out.

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As an Expert Spa Builer & Pool Remodeler, we Offer speacial Features for Complete Relaxation

The best spa designs are always unique to the homeowner and their specific needs or desires.

Before starting the pool remodeling process, it is important to know what you want out of your spa experience and what will satisfy your needs for the new feature in the first place. Such as, would you like a waterfall, special LED lighting, or even a fire pit built into the center as a focal point?

Also, what will you be primarily using your spa for? Maybe spending time with the family, social gatherings, relaxation, or even for health reasons.

Benefits of adding a spa to your pool remodel plans :
  • Spas are a great way to wind down and de-stress after a long day
  • Spas can help to minimize the discomfort of arthritis
  • They can even promote weight loss
  • Spas may aid in a better night's sleep
  • Hydrotherapy
  • They are perfect for fun and relaxing social environments
  • Aesthetically pleasing

Spa Design Possibilities

One of the main advantages of adding an inground spa over an above-ground one are the available options and seamless design possibilities you get. When an inground attached spa is added to your existing pool’s water circulation system, it allows the new feature to seamlessly blend with your pool’s design and layout.

When you decide to go with an attached inground spa, you also gain a wide variety of customization options, such as- size, lighting, jets features, air blowers and much more.

A spillover spa is the easiest pool remodel spa option you can choose. With its classic design and relaxing (spillover into your pool) feature, you only need one pump for both your pool and spa. Which of course, also means less maintenance.

A naturalistic spa is also a great option. This type of spa can be attached to your pool or built separately and designed to complement your landscape with natural features like waterfalls, rock formations, and plant life to enhance the overall relaxation vibes.

As a Professional Spa builder, We would Love to Make your Pool Remodel Dreams Come True

If you are ready to invest in a quality pool remodel that will bring your outdoor experience to life, then it’s time to add on the spa feature you’ve always dreamed of.

Here at NW Pools, we are the experts in mesmerizing pool upgrades and amazing spa additions. Creating the outdoor spaces you’ve always dreamed of is our priority, and we know better than any how to do it for you. Check out our work and discover what we can do for you!

Call us today and lets start designing your own personal oasis together!

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