Top 10 Must-Have Pool Toys & Gadgets in 2018
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Top 10 Must-Have Pool Toys & Gadgets in 2018

Ahh, Summer.  What an incredible—if not the most incredible—time of the year. Backyard barbecues, smores, bright green grass, water parks, rollercoaster rides, sprinklers, and swimming pools. Of course, it’s the time spent with family and friends that makes all of the above so special.

Nonetheless, a little entertainment never hurts, so we whipped up this list of the top pool toys and gadgets in 2018 to help you and your family cool down and enjoy the water this summer.

#1. The AquaClimb

The AquaClimb is an attractive tower that stands on the edge of your pool allowing swimmers to climb replication rocks and jump down with a splash once they reach the top! Available in a range of heights, climbing difficulty, and designs the AquaClimb offers an option for everyone.

The Pros:

-A unique alternative to diving boards.

-Combines rock climbing with the swimming experience.

-Great upper-body exercise.

The Cons:

-Requires a contractor to assemble.

-Large, permanent structure.
-Some options expensive.

#2. Airblown Inflatable Movie Screen

Build your own movie theatre or gaming station right in your pool! Featuring quick and easy pumps and a ginormous adjustable projection screen the Airblown Inflatable movie screen sets up quickly and can be packed away when you’re finished. Even better, not only will the inflatable work dry land, but it also has a detachable screen which can be mounted on other surfaces for out-of-pool use without the need to inflate anything.

The Pros:

-Easy set-up.
-Detachable screen can be used on walls too.

-Large screen with a 160-degree viewing angle.

-Convenient storage bag

The Cons:

-Requires projector and sound system (sold separately).

-Might be less visible during the day.

#3. Giant 8 Ft. Luxury Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float

Float the river in style with this majestic unicorn float made of durable plastic with a quick-inflate valve, easy-grip handles, and a glorious rainbow mane.

The Pros:

-No-scratch, soft matte finish.

-Quick-inflate valve.

-Large enough to hold multiple swimmers.

The Cons:

-Could be accidentally punctured.

-Cumbersome to transport when inflated.
-Not very engaging (just a float).

#4. Starfighter Super Squirter Inflatable Pool Toy

More than just a float (sorry unicorns), the Starfighter Super Squirter features a self-filling squirt gun and overhead sun screen all while looking like a state-of-the-art space fighter ready to destroy your enemies! Purchase more than one to hold an intergalactic shootout!

The Pros:

-Self-filling squirt gun can be used to propel float.

-Easily inflatable.

-Durable heavy-gauge vinyl.

The Cons:

-Could be accidentally punctured.
-Requires purchasing two for battles.

#5. Floating Aqua Table

Play poker while your float the river! Complete with four chairs, beverage holders, a drainable cooler, a firm-table top, and an easy-inflate valve, the floating Aqua Table is the ultimate portable pool picnic table.

The Pros:

-Multi-use land or water option makes it great for camping.

-Easily Inflatable.

-Features drainable cooler and drink holders to keep your refreshments frosty.

The Cons:

-Requires an even number of swimmers (2 or 4).

-Adapt to tipping when climbing on.

#6. Swim N Play Float-A-Bout Cooler

With the Swim N Play Float-A-Bout cooler, you no longer have to get out of the pool to grab your favorite drinks! Featuring a removable stay-cold insert, this floating cooler holds a 6-pack of cans and can keep your drinks cold all day!

The Pros:

-Keeps cold drinks at arm’s reach.
-No ice to spill.


The Cons:

-Could tip with excessive pool splashing.

-Insert requires freezing before use.

#7. Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner

The ultimate pool gadget to save you time this summer, this robotic pool cleaner zips around your pool’s floor and walls cleaning algae and debris filtering water as it goes. Not only that, but it also does so on an automated schedule and features smart technology that chooses an optimal cleaning pattern.

The Pros:

-Cleans up to 50 ft pools in under 2 hours.


-24-month warranty.

The Cons:

-Must be plugged in (though its cord has a no-tangle swivel design).

-Requires maintenance and filter replacement.
-May not be suitable for above-ground pools.

#8. Fin Fun Mermaid Tails

Fin Fun Mermaid tails markets eye-catching colorful swim tails in a variety of sizes that turn any swimmer into a mermaid. Designed with reinforced fabric, these tails are sure to stand the tests of time. The swim-tail insert is also removable allowing for easy style changes (there are a range of styles available), and you can purchase matching swimsuits made of the same durable fabric separately.

The Pros:

-Increase swim speed while looking stylish in the process.

-Can be used as a cool fashion prop for photo shoots.

The Cons:

-Only functional in the water (must be removed when walking on land).
-Tail fin insert and decorative mermaid over-skin are sold separately (skin is required for fin use).

#9.) Inflat-A-Bull

Howdy, Partner! Get ready, because now you can host your very own bull-riding competition! This 8-foot inflatable float features a center-mounted ridable bull with durable grip handles. While the bull is not mechanical (being it’s a water toy), the strap system creates tipping and twisting like the real deal.

The Pros:

-Laser-printed realistic design.
-Great party game.

The Cons:

-Only seats one person.
-Not mechanical.
-250 lb weight limit.

And last, but not least…

#10. Pool Volleyball Game

Ready to serve up some fun and friendly competition from the comfort of your backyard? Thanks to durable anchors and an easy-inflate design, you can even take your game to the lake, the grass at the park, or the sand at the beach. This 8-foot pool volleyball net is perfect for fun in the sun and quality family time anywhere!

The Pros:


-Easy to set up.

The Cons:

-Takes up a lot of space.

-Only useful for a few certain games.


There you have it!  Make a big splash this summer with the hottest pool toys and gadgets of 2018!

Which one was your favorite?

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